Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Printing, Signage, and Indoor & Outdoor Advertising Needs

Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Printing, Signage, and Indoor & Outdoor Advertising Needs

Cost-Effective Solutions Using State-of-the-Art Technology Tailored To Your Needs and Budget

Cost-Effective Solutions Using State-of-the-Art Technology Tailored To Your Needs and Budget

Commitment To Quality And Customer Satisfaction

Commitment To Quality And Customer Satisfaction

Your Business Is Always Our Business! Contact Us To Request A FREE, No-Obligation Quote!

Your Business Is Always Our Business! Contact Us To Request A FREE, No-Obligation Quote!

About Printixels™

We Print To Impress, One Pixel At A Time.

  • Printixels is a full-service printing company based in Carmona, Cavite, Philippines providing a range of services and products to a variety of clients operating across different industry sectors in the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Metro Manila.

    We specialize in commercial digital printing services, large format / tarpaulin printing, panaflex and acrylic signage making and design, built up fabrication and installation, laser cutting and engraving, sticker label printing, indoor and outdoor advertising collaterals, display standees, banners, decal and sticker cutting, customized gifts, corporate giveaways, and many others. As a one-stop shop for all your printing, signage, and advertising requirements, our customized solutions are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring the best results every time – from planning and design process to production and installation.

    Here at Printixels, we believe in creating top-notch value for our clients who deserve only the highest quality of products and services. Our company prides itself on professionalism and a commitment to excellent customer service, making us a premier firm for all your printing, sign, and advertising needs in Cavite, Laguna, and beyond. We boast of an experienced team of professionals and a range of state-of-the-art equipment that allow us to give you best possible output in every project that we undertake.

    The goals of our clients are always our top priority. We seek to exceed client expectations by providing diligence and attention to detail in all aspects of production. We understand that delivering nothing but quality finished products and services will lead to a long-term business relationship. To strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty, we constantly communicate and consult with you throughout the entire project, anticipate and solve problems, and follow deadlines and guidelines.

    When you hire us, you will have a “partner” who you can rely on. As an expert signage maker and printing company in Cavite, our reputation is built on the successful delivery of all projects, no matter how difficult the assignment or how tight the timeframe, so you can relax knowing your project is in the safest of hands. We will collaborate with you to fully understand your goals and to provide you with the best possible results using the topmost specifications tailored to your budget.




    Our Expertise

    With a diverse selection of products and services at your disposal, Printixels has got you covered! We can make your creative vision and customization ideas a reality!

    Using the latest technology in the printing, laser cutting, engraving, and signmaking industry, we handle your projects from start to finish with outstanding level of professionalism and integrity. Our experienced staff members are dedicated to delivering what you need, on time and within budget, every step of the way.

    Below is a list of products and services that we provide. To learn more about what we can do for you, Contact Us today!

  • Digital PrintingServices
  • Photo PrintingServices
  • SublimationShirts, Lanyards, Mugs, Etc.
  • SignagesPanaflex, Acrylic, Backlit
  • BannersRoll Up, X-Banners
  • TarpaulinWhite, Mesh, Reflective
  • StickersVinyl, Matte, Glossy, Satin Paper
  • StandeesLife-Size Sintra Board
  • Labels, Tags Printing
  • GiveawaysGifts, Souvenirs
  • Safety SignsPhotoluminescent / Glow in the Dark
  • Laser CuttingAcrylic
  • What's New!

    Benefits Of Promotional Banners For Your Business

    Printixels Enterprise
    Benefits Of Promotional Banners For Your Business

    Banners are a useful and cost effective business promotion tool. With banner printing, you cannot only promote your products or services but also generate ample returns for your business in a continuous way. 

    Banners are one of the best ways to increase your customer retention. Needless to say, there are plenty of advantages you can reap from banner printing. 

    This is the best way to sketch your business identity fast

    Banners are a great way to increase your business visibility, exposure and trustworthiness in a shorter span of time. They are available in many trendy designs, shapes, sizes and styles (i.e. vinyl banner, corner peel banner, floating banner, custom banner, rotating banners, scrolling banners, pop up banner, pop under banners and much more).

    It increases your sales volumes and economy of scale

    This is considered to be one of the most important benefits of using the banner. Via banner printing, corporate owners not only increase their sales volumes but also boost their economy of scale in a steadfast way.

    It surges customer retention and preserves employee fulfillment

    Another incredible benefit of using the corporate banners is that they help you to surge the customer retention and also preserve the employee fulfillment for long time. All you need to do is to print the custom banner from a thoroughly professional banner printing company on the market to save your bucks and enhance customer retention.

    Best way to promote your products and services

    Banners are one of the best means to promote your corporate products or services on the outdoor market. Plenty of corporations and companies are promoting their brands by means of tarpaulin printing in the Philippines, and across the world that includes cellular phone companies, real estate industry, NGOs, fundraising organizations, banks, sports industry, garments industry and much more.

    Tarpaulin Banners With X-Stand  Tarpaulin with X-Banner Stand - BFN X-Banner Tarpaulin Philippines 

    Banner is an affordable promotion tool

    This is highly reliable and perfectly affordable promotion tool for any business around the world. You can get your customized banners printed from any dependable printing company on the market within cost effective rates.

    Highly flexible, competitive and long lasting product

    Banners are highly durable, resilient and lifelong product for your business identity development on the outdoor market.

    Easy to install on billboards, street, signs and towers

    Last, but not the least, banners are easy to install on the billboards, signboards, streets, walls, and towers to help you to convey the message in the public in a convenient way.

    Closing remarks

    There are plenty of advantages you can reap from banner printing. Banners are easy to use and a fantastic way to sketch your corporate identity in the market.

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    Banners, Standees and Displays

    Reasons Why Business Signage Is Important

    Printixels Enterprise
    Reasons Why Business Signage Is Important

    The world may be leaning towards the use of digital technologies in the marketing industry. But no one can deny the importance of creative and well-thought-out signage for the success of any business in the Philippines.

    Even in today’s digital world, commercial signs and graphics still play a massive role in businesses of various industries. For example, big and small names in the food industry, home furniture, and cosmetics department all thrive in their field partly because of a visual element that does their marketing for them—their iconic business signs.

    Here are five reasons why you should invest in quality signage for your business.

    1. Builds Character and Identity

    One of the most important roles of customized signage is that it helps a business create its character and identity in its field. As a result, your company needs a unique element that can set it apart from hundreds of competitors in your field.

    A unique business sign that bears your business name or logo can help you establish your identity and make an impact on potential customers.

    2. Functional

    Another reason to invest in high-quality signage is for its practical use. You cannot attract a customer to come inside your physical store without business signages. First off, they won’t know what service or product you offer. Plus, they won’t even know that you have a business going on in there without a wall sign or banner hanging outside your store.

    Putting up business signage will let potential consumers know about your business and what you offer. It will also serve as a good beacon for loyal customers visiting your store for the first time. Also, a creative sign gives a great first impression that can further improve your brand awareness.

    Outdoor Business Signage Outdoor Store Signage - Payzhoppe Outdoor Vinyl Sticker Sign - J&T Carmona Outdoor Flange Signage - Cona Aesthetic Clinic

    3. Cost-Efficient Marketing Technique

    Investing in commercial signs and graphics is an affordable marketing strategy as these things can advertise your business every day and throughout the year. In addition, they are robust and can stand the test of time compared to newspaper, e-mail, and social media advertisements.

    It is a one-off payment that will serve its purpose an infinite number of times, unlike PPC ad campaigns and other types of marketing techniques.

    4. Conveys Your Brand Message

    Besides helping your business build character and establish its identity, signs can also help convey your brand message to the right audience. It can become your business’s way of communicating to your target consumers, letting them know what’s waiting for them at the other side of your door.

    Furthermore, the creativity and uniqueness of your sign automatically reflect and say a lot about the quality of your products and services. So make sure to hire the best sign-making company in your field.

    5. Competitive Advantage

    Whether it’s a storefront sign or a window banner, business signage will let you stand out in a sea of other companies in your field. With the right design and logo theme, you’ll be able to catch people’s eyes and draw them inside your store. So make sure to choose the right elements for your signage to gain a competitive advantage in your chosen industry.

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    Hospital & Clinic Signages

    Printixels Enterprise

    Hospital & Clinic Signages Philippines

    Guide staff, patients, and visitors in navigating your healthcare facility with our customized hospital and clinic signages. 

    Here at Printixels, we are capable of manufacturing customized indoor and outdoor signs for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities in the Philippines. It is a known fact that visiting a hospital can be a daunting experience due to its scale, so it is very important to have good signages installed in it to guide visitors. These signages include directional, way-finding, and customer information signages found outside and outside the hospital buildings.

    Likewise, safety signages in hospital settings are important to communicate vital information to employees, patients, and visitors, identify potential hazards, and prevent accidents. At Printixels, you can order bespoke signs to help employees, patients and guests travel around your hospital safely and with ease. Whether you need acrylic letters, illuminated signages, room signs, safety signages, or wall graphics, we've got your needs covered!

    Our Expertise:

    • Acrylic Signages
    • Panaflex Signages
    • Logo Panel Signs
    • Door & Room Signs
    • Directional / Way-finding Signs
    • Reception Signages
    • Hanging Signs
    • Frosted Glass Stickers
    • Wall Mural Graphics
    • COVID-19 Safety Signages
    •Social Distancing Floor Markers
    • Entrance & Exit Signs
    • Illuminated Safety Signs
    • Glow in the Dark Signages
    • Emergency Evacuation Plans & Maps
    • Vehicle Wraps & Stickers
    • And many others!
    Clinic Signage - KCCC Laser-Cut Acrylic Signage Acrylic Signage - Laser Cutting Philippines Acrylic Logo Panel Sign - Cona Aesthetic Clinic Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Signs Panaflex Sign for Kapalaran Medical Clinic  Acrylic Door Signs Vehicle Wrap Philippines - Full Color Graphics Sintra Board Door Signs With Chain - GAOC Outdoor Flange Signage - Cona Aesthetic Clinic

    You can rely on our vast expertise in signage printing and fabrication. Our company has a team of dedicated and skilled staff that can meet all your requirements. We use different backing materials in our signages. These include sintra board, acrylic, aluminum, and galvanized (GI) sheet metal. When you order from us, we will monitor all aspects of production to ensure quality output and smooth delivery of signages.

    As a leading signage maker in the Philippines, our shop is always ready to assist you with every type of healthcare signage that you need. Whether it is for a new hospital, dental clinic, medical center, aesthetic clinic, or an existing healthcare facility that needs an upgrade, we are here to help! Our clients can expect nothing but high standard from us. We value the same high standard from all of our employees, both on production and installation of bespoke hospital signs.

    Got any inquiries? Feel free to contact us today and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We provide free, no-obligation quote upon request. All of our indoor and outdoor hospital and clinic signages come with a satisfaction guarantee. And we’ll make sure your project is all accomplished on time and within budget. We cater to clients anywhere in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas. We look forward to doing business with you!

    Our Equipment

    Investing in the latest printing equipment and technologies is paramount to the success of Printixels' operation.

    Our state-of-the-art facilities are operated by a team of highly dedicated staff members whose combined years of experience, expertise, and training make them among the best in the industry. They are knowledgeable in traditional and advanced printing technologies and are always prepared to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.




    Our Staff

    At Printixels, we believe that no level of technology can match human ability and creativity. That’s why we employ only the most competent staff to be part of our team. Nothing matches the pride we have in all of our staff!

    Guided by key philosophies, “Your Business Is Always Our Business” and "We Print To Impress, One Pixel At A Time", our employees are committed to providing excellent customer service. When you hire us to accomplish a project, we are confident that you will find this to be 100% accurate.