Custom Acrylic Barriers & Dividers

Custom COVID-19 Acrylic Barriers & Dividers Philippines

Protect your clients, visitors, and employees from COVID-19 with our custom acrylic barriers and dividers.

Here at Printixels, we provide bespoke transparent laser-cut acrylic or plexiglass protective barriers that can block virus-containing respiratory droplets that are released by breathing, talking, sneezing or coughing. These clear acrylic products are suitable for offices, retail shops, banks, restaurants, call centers, BPOs, grocery stores, hotels, factories, manufacturing plants, schools, hospitals, salons, and other commercial establishments in the Philippines. We can customize them according to your preferred designs, thicknesses, and other specifications.

As we all know, the novel coronavirus can spread person-to-person, so it is essential to take extra precautions to help reduce the spread of infection. By mounting these clear acrylic barriers and dividers on your desks, tables, or counters, you will be able to implement social distancing and avoid close contact with others, which are highly critical in protecting the well-being of your customers and workers.

Custom COVID-19 Acrylic Options: 

• Barriers and dividers 
• Reception and cash register shields 
• Retail counter guards
• Acrylic desk shields
• Office partitions 
• Acrylic sneeze guards for worker protection 
• Acrylic table shields
• Countertop splash shields 
• Workstation desk screens
• Cough shields
• Protective panels 
• And much more!

For any inquiries regarding our customized transparent acrylic barriers, shields, and dividers, feel free to message us. When requesting a quote, make sure to specify the dimension, acrylic thickness, quantity, location, and other specifications. In these very challenging times, our shop is committed to providing quality professional laser-cut acrylic fabricated products to help you keep your workers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic while still serving your valued customers in the Philippines. We look forward to hearing from you!

• Material: Clear Acrylic (3mm or 4.5mm)
• Types: U-Shaped, Single-Face, Dividers/Partitions
• Key Features: Durable, Stable and Free-Standing
• Custom sizes and designs are available.

Sample Designs/Templates:
U-Shaped Acrylic Desk Shield
Single-Face Acrylic Desk Shield
Acrylic Dividers/Partitions

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