Ceremonial Keys, Custom Key Shaped Awards

Ceremonial Keys, Custom Key Shaped Awards Philippines

Do you want to make your next event, trade show, or property turnover even more special? Our customized ceremonial keys are the perfect option for you! 

Here at Printixels, we specialize in fabricating bespoke ceremonial keys and key-shaped awards that are suitable for a wide variety of purposes and can be customized to fit any occasion. Businesses, groups, and institutions often award giant ceremonial keys to important members and employees to celebrate their milestones and accomplishments. These giant keys are a great complement to acrylic recognition plaques, trophies, and corporate awards. Likewise, they can be used for advertising, trade fairs, raffle events, contests, car dealerships, real estate turnovers, and others.

When you choose us as your supplier, we will work with you to customize your ceremonial keys and will process your order as hassle-free as possible. Our simple ordering process and quick turnaround time make it easy to get high-quality personalized ceremonial keys no matter where you are located in the Philippines. Our company has invested in state-of-the-art technologies such as large-format digital printer and laser cutter to accommodate even the most complex project. 

Specifications of our Ceremonial Keys:

• Highly customizable in terms of shapes and designs
• Backing options: acrylic or sintra board
• With vinyl, metallic, or reflective sticker
• Full color, high resolution printing
• Laser cut to precision

Laser Cut Acrylic Key - Mitsubishi Philippines Customized Key For Vehicle Turnover - Mitsubishi Philippines 
Acrylic Ceremonial Key - LCDR Construction 
Customized Acrylic Ceremonial Key - Maestro Construction 
Laser Cut Acrylic Ceremonial Key - LCDR Contruction Laser Cut Acrylic Ceremonial Vehicle Key - Fuso Carmona Acrylic Ceremonial Key - Fuso Carmona 

Our modern equipment allows us to create ceremonial keys and key-shaped awards that are truly one-of-a-kind to you, whether that be a unique shape or even just with bespoke design, using a range of materials such as acrylic, sintra board, and vinyl sticker (ex: glossy, matte, reflective, frosted, metallic, etc.). If desired, we can also put a top coat of clear anzahl urethane paint to ensure smooth laminated finish and surface durability.

The design possibilities of what we can fabricate in terms of giant ceremonial keys are endless. We will create them according to your unique specifications. You can choose to keep it standard with the usual key shape, or elevate it and get an elaborate shape using our laser cutting machinery. We can also finish off your custom key design with vinyl print with high resolution graphics. The printed design can include your business logo, receiver's name, tag lines and much more.

For interested customers, feel free to contact us today if you need further information regarding our customized ceremonial keys and key shaped awards. Our team is dealing with new projects everyday, and would love to hear about your next project. We can't wait to discuss your requirements and we will put a free, no-obligation quote together for you.

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