Warehouse Safety Signages

Warehouse Safety Signages

Ensure safe and smooth operation in your facility with our custom warehouse safety signages. 

Here at Printixels, you are guaranteed to find suitable signage options applicable for warehouses, stockrooms, distribution centers, and other industrial facilities in the Philippines. Our customized warehouse safety signages are available in a variety of materials such as acrylic, sintra board, aluminum, galvanized sheet, and adhesive-backed vinyl.

By opting for our good quality yet affordable warehouse signs, you will be able to direct traffic more efficiently and provide visual cues regarding potential hazards, risks, and other vital information for the employees. They can also alert customers and delivery personnels to the proper areas, and warn guests of key safety protocols while they are in the premises. With the installation of these custom safety signs, you can keep your warehouse safe and free of accidents while workers operate heavy machinery.

Types of Warehouse Signages That We Manufacture:

 Forklift truck safety signs
 Personal protective equipment (PPE) signs
 Electrical hazard signs
 Fire safety signs
 First aid signs
 Mandatory speed limit signs
 CCTV notices / security camera warning signs
 Emergency exit signs
 Danger and caution signs
• Room signs
 Labeling for aisles and shelves
 Warehouse safety stickers
 And many others!

PPE Safety Signs Philippines Emergency Telephone Signs Emergency Eye Wash Station Signs PASS Emergency Fire Extinguisher Sign Warehouse Operations Signage - DHL Philippines 5kph Speed Limit Forklift Signage Philippines 

GI Sheet Reflective PPE Signage 
Galvanized Sheet Forklift Signage 
Reflective Caution Signage - GI Sheet Metal

You can count on our expertise as a safety signage maker and supplier in the Philippines, specifically in Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Metro Manila. When you order from us, we will ensure that every warehouse sign that we deliver is made with good quality materials, conforms to safety standards, and features recognized symbols and visuals for easy and clear comprehension. Whether you need reflective / reflectorized or photoluminescent / glow in the dark signages for high visibility or vinyl sticker labeling for aisles, shelves, rooms, and other areas of the building, we've got your needs covered!

Ready to order? Feel to contact us if you need further information about our customized warehouse safety signages. We are always ready to assist you in creating quality signs at budget-friendly prices that can communicate important safety guidelines to help you maintain a safe and organized work environment.

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