Customized Glossy Vinyl Stickers & Decals

Customized Glossy Vinyl Stickers & Decals Philippines

Whether for personal use or business purposes, our customized glossy vinyl stickers and decals are a great way to add a touch of creativity and promote brands effectively. 

Made from high-quality waterproof material, our custom printed glossy vinyl stickers are resistant to fading, tearing, and water damage, making them suitable as product sticker labels and for both indoor and outdoor advertising. This is especially beneficial in the Philippine climate, where exposure to sunlight and rain can cause traditional paper stickers to deteriorate quickly.

Additionally, the glossy finish of these stickers adds a layer of protection, making them less prone to scratches and ensuring their longevity. Having said that, our customers can rely on the durability of our glossy vinyl stickers.

When you choose us as your sticker supplier and maker in the Philippines, we will ensure that you get the best possible stickers based on your exact requirements. Using our modern digital sticker printing and cutting equipment, our stickers and decals can be customized to any shape, size, and design, making them suitable for a variety of purposes. From product labels and wall murals to car decals and laptop stickers, the possibilities are endless.

Features of our Customized Glossy Vinyl Stickers:

 Full color, high resolution digital printing
 Waterproof and tough durability
 With UV and fade protection
 Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
 Can be custom cut to desired size and shape


Businesses in the Philippines can use these stickers and decals to effectively promote their brand and increase brand awareness. The vibrant colors and glossy finish of these stickers make them stand out, making them a cost-effective marketing tool. Similarly, individuals can use these stickers to personalize their belongings, such as laptops, water bottles, and phone cases, adding a unique touch to personal items.

Moreover, our waterproof glossy vinyl stickers and decals are easy to apply and remove, making them a hassle-free option. They can be easily peeled off and repositioned without leaving any residue or damaging the surface they were applied to. This makes them a great choice for temporary promotions or events. In addition, these stickers are also weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use and ensuring that they remain intact even during harsh weather conditions in the Philippines.

If you have any inquiries regarding our custom printed glossy vinyl stickers and decals, don't hesitate to drop us a message. Our team is always ready to assist you with your sticker printing and cutting needs. We cater to clients anywhere in the Philippines, specifically in Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Metro Manila. We look forward to doing business with you!

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