Printing 101 - Free Ebook

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Printing 101:
The Definitive Guide to Different Printing Methods and Techniques
Free Ebook for Marketers and Consumers in the Philippines and Beyond

File Format: PDF
Number of Pages: 55 pgs.

Ebook Description:

This ebook is a definitive guide that provides you with information on different printing methods and techniques to help you implement a successful marketing campaign. Here you will read helpful articles on printing processes, inks, color jargons, and practical tips on effective printing and marketing strategies. It is intended for both marketers and consumers in the Philippines and beyond.

Table of Contents:

I. Printing Basics: What You Need To Know

What Are The Different Types Of Printing?
What Printing Process Will Work Best For Your Project
Ink And Its Printing Quality
Paper Grain And Printing Matters
Understanding Color Printing Jargon
Going Digital On Color Printing
Printing On A Wholesale

II. Helpful Tips in Printing and Marketing

A Guide To Brochure Printing
Brochure Printing That Works
Differences In Color Brochure Printing
Creating An Effective And Informative Booklet
Flyer Printing Application For An Effective Marketing Campaign
How To Create Flyers That Win Clients
Postcard Printing: Bridging Business And Customers
How To Save More In Postcard Printing
Making A New Trend In Poster Printing
Communicate With Full Color Business Cards
Catalog Printing Tips
Business Stationery
How To Make Great Tickets
Screen Printing

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