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Luminous Safety Signages Philippines

Searching for affordable luminous safety signages that can illuminate during an emergency or blackout? You have come to the right spot! Our range of glow in the dark signs has everything you will need to keep your company compliant with safety requirements in the Philippines.

Here are Printixels, we manufacture photoluminescent safety signs that have amazing brightness, even in total darkness. These luminous or glow in the dark signs are specifically designed to highlight exits, doorways, stairways, walls, pathways, and many others.

No matter the light condition, our luminous signages ensures that vital safety information are visible to every employee, guest, or resident. We can customize signs and markings based on your exact specifications while ensuring that the information and symbols are maintained, making them easy to understand. Available backing materials include sintra board, acrylic with stainless bolts, aluminum, and galvanized (GI) sheet metal. Whether you need first aid kit signs for health professionals, emergency evacuation plans, or fire exit signs to direct people towards the nearest exit in the event of a fire, earthquake or natural calamity, we've got your needs covered!

Examples Of Luminous Safety Signages:

• Emergency Evacuation Plans & Maps
• Fire Exit Signs
• Fire Extinguisher Signs
• First Aid Kit Signs
• Fire Assembly Point Signs
• Fire Action Signs
• Fire Alarm Signs
• And much more!

Luminous Fire Exit Signs Philippines Photoluminescent Fire Extinguisher Signs Philippines  Acrylic Evacuation Plan With Stainless Bolts  - Honda Philippines 
Glow in the Dark Exit & Entrance Signs Philippines 
Sintra Board Luminous Safety Signs  
Notice Use Handrail Signs Photoluminescent Safety Signages Luminous Safety Signs Glow in the Dark Safety First Signs

Our luminous safety signages are necessary during emergency situations. As we all know, fires and other calamities can often lead to power failures, making buildings extra hard to navigate. With the installation of photoluminescent signs and markings, you will enable people to easily find the nearest exit routes. Our glow in the dark or luminous signs self-charge using ambient light and can illuminate brightly enough to be seen, even in full darkness.

Got questions? If you need further details regarding our luminous safety signages, feel free to contact us today! Our team is always delighted to help you whatever your questions or clarifications about our products and services. We cater to customers anywhere in the Philippines, specifically in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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