Safety Signs - Acrylic, Sintra Board & Metal

Safety Signs - Acrylic, Sintra Board & Metal

Searching for high quality yet affordable safety signs? You've come to the right place! Here at Printixels, we print, fabricate, and supply a wide range of safety signages for various business establishments in the Philippines.

Our customized safety signs are suitable for a wide range of possible dangerous situations and emergencies. The signs can be used to mark potential risks in a variety of settings; some also provide slogans or messages for cautionary actions so as to reduce the occurrence of an accident and injury. As a business owner, you are legally obliged by law to provide a safe workplace for your employees, visitors, and the general public at large, and protect them from any safety hazards and threats. To fulfill this duty, it is customary to install safety signs within your premises.

Our shop prides itself on friendly service and excellent value for money. We make everything in house using a variety of various materials and finishing, including aluminum, GI/galvanized sheet metal, acrylic, sintra board, reflective, high intensity prismatic, luminous / photoluminescent, or glow in the dark vinyl.

Types of Safety Signs:

• Prohibition safety signs
• Hazard warning signs
• Mandatory safety signs
• Safe conditions signs
• Fire safety signs
• Photoluminescent safety signs
• Reflective safety signs
• Emergency exit signs
• Glow in the dark evacuation plans
• Directional/wayfinding signs
• Road/street/traffic signs
• And many others!
Traffic Directional Signages - The Palm Tree Villas Vertical Clearance Sign - Parking Entrance 
Photoluminescent Signs for Analog Test and Measurement Inc. 
Beyond This Point Signage - Reflective Stickers on GI Sheet Emergency Telephone - Reflective Signages Emergency Eye Wash Station - Reflective Safety Sign Reflective Fire Alarm Signs Glow in the Dark Evacuation Route Plans Photoluminescent Evacuation Maps Photoluminescent Emergency Evacuation Maps - Philippine Thermotech Mfg. Corp. Acrylic Exit Signs Warehouse Safety Signage - DHL Philippines 
Outdoor Safety Signage - DHL Philippines Reflective Galvanized Sheet Road Signages Reflective Pedestrian Crossing Signage Reflective No Overtaking No Parking Signs Reflective  Caution Maximum Height Signage 
Sintra Board Work Safety Signages

Using our state-of-the-art printer, laser-cutter, and welding equipment, we can create custom safety signages tailored for specific work environments in Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Metro Manila, Philippines. Depending on your requirements, our bespoke safety signages can even include wall fixings such as double-sided tape, screws, and stainless bolts that will allow you to install your signage on any surface with ease.

For any inquiries about our customized safety signs, please don't hesitate to message us to discuss your preferred specifications! Our entire team at Printixels is always ready to assist you and to answer whatever questions you may have about our wide range of safety signage products. We provide free, no-obligation quote upon request. Please be as detailed as possible, so we can come up with an accurate pricing. We look forward to hearing from you!

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