Glow in the Dark Fire Exit Signs

Glow in the Dark Fire Exit Signs Philippines

Visually communicate how building occupants, employees, and guests should navigate in the case of an emergency with our customized glow in the dark fire exit signs. With no need for any external power supply, our photoluminescent exit signages are capable of emitting light that can be seen in total darkness.

Our bespoke luminous exit signs come in a range designs, sizes, and messaging options, and are available with safety-compliant symbols, headings, and signal words. Our wide selection of fire exit signs highlight safe routes in the event of evacuation, including emergency exits leading to muster or assembly points. These safety signages may also feature key instructions necessary to get out of the building such as push bars, push pads and release at access points.

You can count on the quality and durability of our glow in the dark fire exit signages. They are made with tough backing materials such as acrylic and sintra board, and photoluminescent stickers that guarantee great performance and can effectively light the path to safety as soon as light sources stop working so that people can find the nearest fire exits.

Types of Fire Exit Signs:

• Running Man Exit Signs
• Directional Arrow Fire Exit Signs
• Arrow Left Signs
• Arrow Right Signs
• Arrow Up Signs
• Arrow Down Signs
• Diagonal Arrow Signs
• 2-Way or 3-Way Fire Exit Signs
• And many others!
Fire Exit Signage Philippines 
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Luminous Fire Exit Signs Philippines

Additionally, these custom printed luminous signs ensure that your company stays compliant with relevant safety regulations imposed by the Philippine government. In the case of a power failure or other threats to safety, it is very significant important that businesses take the necessary precautions and measures that enable employees and visitors to find a safe passage out of the premises. As a reliable safety signage maker and supplier in the Philippines, we can confidently say that our customized photoluminescent exit signs are the perfect wayfinding tool!

If you have any inquiries regarding our glow in the dark fire exit signs or any of the other relevant products in our catalogue, do not hesitate to contact us today. Whether you need directional arrows, running men symbols, or luminous fire exit signages with additional warning information, we've got your needs covered! Our entire team at Printixels is always happy to provide excellent customer service that will surpass your expectations at all times. We serve clients all over the Philippines, specifically in Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Metro Manila.

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