Acrylic Partitions For Offices, Shops, Restaurants, & More!

Acrylic Partitions Philippines

Searching for affordable protective barriers and dividers? Our customized acrylic partitions are the perfect solution for you! In response to the government's initiatives in curbing the COVID-19 infection, our shop has introduced a variety of laser-cut acrylic partitions to assist businesses and organizations in their "new normal" operation.

Available in bespoke sizes and designs, our acrylic barriers and dividers are primarily intended for implementing physical distancing measures and for separating areas in your premises. Since it's made with clear acrylic or plexiglass material, the transparency allows good visibility for both sides. These partitions are suitable for busy service points in offices, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, banks, and much more.

During this difficult time of the novel coronavirus pandemic, business owners in the Philippines are obliged to execute measures to limit the risks to both their customers and staff. Social or physical distancing can be a challenge to maintain, especially in a control environment, and installing acrylic partitions is one of the most effective ways to ensure that everyone is protected. Our customized acrylic barriers can help create a safer workspace by offering separation between individuals, which, in turn, can prevent the spread of airborne droplets from sneezing or coughing. 

Another key feature of our personalized transparent acrylic partitions such as sneeze guards and desk shields is that they can be easily installed and moved around in any location. These protective shields, panels, or screens are also versatile enough and can fit to desks, counters, workstations, and tables. We can customize them according to the unique specifications of establishments. Whether you need partitions for offices, restaurants, retail shops, banks, pharmacies, gas stations, supermarkets, grocery stores, call centers, BPOs, and others, we are here to help!

Ready to order? Don't hesitate to contact us if you have inquiries. When you choose us as your clear acrylic partition supplier and provider, we will make sure that you are satisfied with quality of our products. Our company always puts customer service at the very heart of our operation. Let us be your partner in protecting employees and customers from COVID-19 contamination. Together, we can beat the coronavirus!

• Material: Clear Acrylic (3mm or 4.5mm)
• Types: Dividers/Partitions, U-Shaped, Single-Face
• Key Features: Durable, Stable and Free-Standing
• Custom sizes and designs are available.

Sample Designs/Templates:

Acrylic Partition Philippines
U-Shaped Acrylic Partition
Single-Face Acrylic Partition  Acrylic Barrier Partition - Zagro 
Acrylic Counter Shield - Tapawarma 
Acrylic Shield With Stand 
Acrylic Counter Shields 
Acrylic Desk Shields

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