Brochure Printing: Important Things to Consider

Brochure Printing: Important Things to Consider

Brochures are not merely marketing collaterals, they are likewise created to be informative in such a way that your target customers will effortlessly understand what products and services are being publicized by your company. 

If you are planning to print and distribute your own customized brochures for your business in Cavite, Laguna, and Metro Manila, Philippines, here are a few important things you need to take into consideration.

Make a clean layout / design.
Layout or design is one of the key elements that can make a brochure effective. The design should be practical and match the identity of your company, as well as your target market and business goals. In doing the layout, it is advisable not to make them extremely complicated. A clean, sleek brochure can create better impact and attention on your clients, thus bringing in more leads and sales.

Be straight to the point.
Well-written contents can impart your messages more effectively. Be straight-forward. Avoid putting too much texts on your brochure as prospective clients have short attention span and they are generally impatient readers. Your brochure should highlight your products and services in an organized manner, along with information why your company is better than your competition. As much as possible, make use of bullet points and illustrations to convey your message more quickly. Long texts leave the readers bored.

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Use compelling photos.
It is imperative for a brochure to have appropriate compelling photographs and images in order to immediately catch the eye of your prospects. If possible, utilize one or two large images instead of tons of small ones and collages on a single brochure page or spread. Huge photos provide better visual appeal.

Be consistent in color selection.
Color is an essential brochure design element that is often overlooked by many Filipino graphic designers. When it comes to color selection, it is highly recommended that you use shades and hues of the colors used in your company logo to achieve consistency and maintain a specific mood of your brand message.

Create catchy tagline and call to action.
Another great way of engaging your readers is by coming up with catchy tagline and blurbs for your brochures, flyers, or pamphlets. You must also make a good call to action that tells your target customers in the Philippines what you want them to do after reading your brochure. Always bear in mind that boring, unprofessional, and bad contents can give your readers the wrong impression of your business. This is something that every company needs to avoid.

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