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Looking to improve the safety of your workplace during emergency situations? Our photoluminescent signs are exactly what you need! These items are designed to illuminate in the dark when a light source is blurred by power interruption, fire, or smoke.

Here at PrintiXels, we specialize in printing and manufacturing affordable customized glow in the dark, photoluminescent signs that absorb and store ambient light, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year! In case of power failure, these indoor safety signs will illuminate brightly enough to be seen and provide visual guidance to the nearest exit. With luminous path markers displayed at your premises, building occupants will be able to evacuate safely down staircases and through pathways even in total darkness.

As a foremost supplier and installer of glow in the dark signs in Cavite, Laguna, and Metro Manila, Philippines, we carry a range of custom printed stickers and signages in a variety of sizes and materials.

Types of Photoluminescent Signages We Provide: 

 Exit signs 
 Fire escape routes
 Floor / path markers
 Building maps 
 Evacuation plans
 Fire extinguisher signs
• Stairwell numbering
 Directional indicators
• Map holders
 And other emergency and safety signs!

 Photoluminescent Emergency Evacuation Map Photoluminescent Evacuation Plan  Photoluminescent Signs for Analog Test and Measurement Inc. Glow in the Dark Fire Extinguisher Signs - Lotus Labs Philippines Emergency Exit Signs - Glow in the Dark Stickers Fire Extinguisher Signs Philippines  A4 Photoluminescent Evacuation Plans - VIATechnik Inc. Fire Exit Signs - Glow in the Dark Glow in the Dark Emergency Evacuation Maps - Philippine Thermotech Mfg. Corp. 
Glow in the Dark Fire Extinguisher Signs 
Glow in the Dark Evacuation Plans - IMM Pasay 
 Photoluminescent Evacuation Maps - Maynilad Photoluminescent Emergency Evacuation Plan - F-Tech Philippines 
Fire Exit Signage Philippines 
Glow in the Dark Fire Exit Sign Luminous Fire Exit Arrow Signs
PASS Emergency Fire Extinguisher Sign Glow in the Dark Exit Arrow Signs 
Photoluminescent Exit Signs Sintra Board Luminous Safety Signs

With the firm commitment to quality, our company offers top-notch signages using the best possible fluorescent or luminous materials that can absorb energy from ambient light sources. They are consistently visible in darkness and require no energy and maintenance. We provide luminous signs, letters, and graphics with either a laser-cut acrylic panel or a sintra board backing, with adhesive / double-sided tape. 

If you'd like to learn more about our photoluminescent signs, feel free to get in touch with us! We cater to a wide variety of clients across different industry sectors such as manufacturing, hospitality, property management, transportation, government, and many more. Our products can be customized to meet any requirement and we will work within your budget.

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