Custom Honeycomb Reflective Stickers

Custom Honeycomb Reflective Stickers

Need stickers that provide enhanced visibility at night? Our customized high intensity honeycomb reflective stickers are what you need!

At Printixels, we manufacture customized reflective stickers and decals that are suitable for outdoor use. Using modern technology in sticker printing and cutting, our honeycomb stickers are created to a high level of quality. We have the resources to contour any prismatic honeycomb reflective vinyl stickers to fit your exact requirements. 

Our company supplies this type of sticker to a huge range of companies in Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Metro Manila, Philippines across various industry sectors such as factories, infrastructure maintenance, buildings, asset and transportation repairs maintenance, traffic and safety sign distributors, and many others. 

Key Features of our Honeycomb Reflective Stickers:

 Hexagonal honeycomb pattern
 High intensity, prismatic, 3-dimensional surface
 Reflective in the dark and at night
 Can be customized based on your specifications

Honeycomb Prismatic Reflective Sticker High Intensity Prismatic Reflective No Parking Signs

You can count on the superiority and versatility of our honeycomb reflective stickers and decals. Made of heavy duty vinyl materials, they are very visible close up and over distance, and illuminate much brighter than standard reflective or ordinary engineer grade films. Ideal for industrial use, they can be mounted on a wide variety of surfaces and objects, such as, among others, road signages, traffic cones, work zone equipment, warning signs, traffic poles, construction machinery, object markers, and directional and wayfinding signs

Furthermore, our custom prismatic honeycomb reflective stickers come with quality adhesive backing so they are guaranteed to stay intact for many years to come. They retain great visibility during the night, regardless of weather conditions, and also have impressive resistance to fading and corrosion.

Need assistance? We are always ready to help! Our skilled employees are more than happy to provide top-notch service and make your outdoor reflective stickers as striking as possible. For further information on our pricing and capabilities or if you want to request a free quotation, don't hesitate to call or email us today!

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