Frosted Stickers: Decorating Your Office Glass Doors & Windows

Frosted Stickers: Decorating Your Office Glass Doors & Windows

If you are thinking about applying some frosted glass stickers to your office doors and windows, you will need to plan ahead. You will also need some help, at least at certain times during the application, as it can be quite cumbersome trying to manage large sheets of window film on your own. In fact, it is not really recommended that you try as there is a very good chance that you will end up wasting a lot of the frosted films.

There are different types of frosted stickers and decals available in the Philippine market today. Some is self-adhesive; these types can usually be used in any room of the house or on any plain smooth surface. The downside of using self-adhesive film is that it can sometimes wrap around and stick to it and once that happens, it is virtually impossible to separate it. It can also be a little difficult to take off again.

Static cling window film works well on most smooth surfaces as well. This type of film also works well in bathrooms as it is not affected at all by steam, heat or water. The plus with it is that it is also very easy to take off again, an important factor if you are renting a home only or if you often like to redecorate.

Regular window film is also fairly easy to work with, although it does take a bit of preparation work before actually placing it on a window and you need to follow the instructions carefully while applying it.

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While it is fairly easy to apply frosted stickers and decals to smaller sized windows or glass panes on doors it can get a little tricky applying it to patio doors or large windows, especially if the window is high enough up from the ground that you will need to use a ladder to reach the top of it. If you have not applied window film before you should 'practice' using smaller pieces beforehand until you are sure you know the procedure for applying it and you feel comfortable handling it?

It is also helpful to arrange to have help from someone who has had experience at this type of thing before, as they will not only know all the secrets to doing a good job but they will know exactly which steps come first.

If you have a very large surface to cover you may be better off hiring a contractor or a film window film installer in the Philippines to do the job for you. There are a couple of reasons why this may be a good idea. 

Firstly, they are experienced and can have the window film up in next to no time whereas you may find it takes you a long time to even do some of the simple steps. Secondly, if you have invested money in buying quite a lot of film to cover a large area, you do not want to risk doing something that would render the film unusable or that would cause it to fold onto itself, thereby wasting the money you spent on the film.

Don’t hesitate to consult with us regarding your frosted sticker requirements. Whether you need colorful frosted glass stickers and decals of your company logo or professional-looking texts and taglines, our company can achieve it using our modern die-cutting technology. We can't wait to hear from you!

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