Printing Wall Mural Stickers: Things To Keep In Mind

Printing Wall Mural Stickers: Things To Keep In Mind

Regardless of the printing process or the size and the shape of the sticker one chooses, mural wall stickers can easily help a business highlight their brand effectively.

Nowadays, many businesses in the Philippines are planning to design their own wall decals in order to market their business. Instead of going for the traditional signage materials like posters, wall decals are taking the centre stage, for business promotion and advertisement needs.

Making the decision to decorate the office space with wall mural stickers is a good move from your side. The designs that you are looking to use for the wall stickers is mostly going to be used on the storefronts. A good design will easily install the potential customers to have a look at the store. Thus, if the designs are used appropriately, it can form a magnificent marketing material for the organization.

The most important problem that businesses often face is, they don’t have a clue from where to start with when it comes to designing the stickers. Most of the time, they end up hiring a wrong company. Before you jump on to click the purchase button of any leading wall stickers Australia company, make sure you are hiring the right company for this job.

If you are planning to use the sticker for marketing purposes, then creating a magnificent wall sticker is not enough. Many business organizations make the mistake of not incorporating call-to-action button for the wall stickers. Implementing it on the stickers can help the business house to get a call from the target audience.

Vinyl Wallpaper - SkyVillas at One Balete  

In case, you are using a custom photo for this job, you will need to keep certain things in mind.

Go For Original Image: All leading wall sticker sites pay a heed to the copyright laws. Hence, they would ask you if you are owner of the images you are providing them. So, for your product promotion through wall stickers, you must use the original images of your product.

Don’t Forget The Resolution: You must always consider high-resolution image for printing on the stickers. It’s best to go for resolution higher than 150-300 dpi. Even when you are enlarging the image for the wall sticker, the quality of the print won’t get hampered.

Bright & Colorful: The aim of the wall stickers for the business houses is to grab the attention of the people/ potential customers. In case, you are planning to make a promotional sticker it must be made colorful. It should be easy to view from a distance. Choosing the right color for the wall stickers can easily grab the attention of the target audience. Make sure the printing companies make the print for the wall mural stickers in the RGB mode.

Bold Typography: When it comes to promotional wall sticker printing, it is important to choose a bold typography. The content of the wall stickers must be readable. This will help in communicating the message properly to the target audience.

Incorporate the Brand: It’s important to ensure the brand stays in the heart of the design or added with the photo you have chosen for making the wall stickers.

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