Printixels Acquires New Large Format Printer

Printixels Acquires New Large Format Printer

In order to meet the increasing demand for our bespoke digital printing products, Printixels has recently acquired a new large-format printer, Roland Versa Express RF-640. 

With this new equipment acquisition, our company hopes to improve our lead time and expand our printing capabilities even further, specifically on customized stickers, labels, and signages.

We highly recognize that boosting our production capacity is significant to meet growing customer demand for our products and services and, in turn, satisfy our loyal and beloved clients in the Philippines. In today's challenging economic climate, it also presents Printixels with an opportunity to enhance efficiency and operational competence by having a much more competitive turnaround time even on huge print runs and tight deadline.

With exceptional print resolution and color complexity, the new RF-640 8-Color offers a whole new world of color reproduction and print quality. This equipment has the widest color gamut in its class (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Black, Red, Green, Orange) and can reproduce specific brand colors with 8-color ink options. It also has brilliant photorealistic imaging at up to 1440 x720 dpi.

About Roland Versa Express RF-640

The Roland Versa Express RF-640 offers the perfect formula for digital printing success: high production speed, outstanding print quality, ease of use and unsurpassed reliability. The genius behind the RF-640 is reflected in its ability to quickly produce high quality graphics and prints, while keeping cost of operation low. That translates into increased output, satisfied customers and more money in your pocket.


• Built for speed and stability
Featuring our most innovative print control technology, the RF-640 prints up to 48.5m2/h, approximately twice as fast as the previous model* and perfect for banner production. From signs and banners to vehicle graphics and wraps of all kinds, the RF-640 delivers exceptional results throughout the longest production runs.

• Advanced media handing system for stable printing

With the RF-640, we have redesigned the take-up system for high speed, volume production. Two rigid shafts hold heavy rolls in place for reliably accurate media feeding. A new dancer roller assembly applies just the right level of tension to move media precisely through the printer.

• Roland ink switching system for unattended volume production
With Roland’s proprietary Ink Switching System, you get double coverage. This unique system holds two ink cartridges per color, allowing up to 880cc of ink to be loaded at one time for unattended continuous printing. When the primary ink cartridge runs out, its backup begins supplying ink automatically for maximum productivity and flawless results.

• Superior image quality and vivid colors

The RF-640 combines the latest high-performance Print Head with Roland’s GREENGUARD Gold certified, low-VOC ECO-SOL MAX 2 ink for beautifully rich, vivid colors and sharp imaging. Our environmentally-friendly eco-Solvent Ink has no nickel compounds, provides outstanding long-term outdoor durability, and is relatively odor free. Support for a broad range of media enables a wide range of applications, from outdoor signage to indoor posters and more.

• Outstanding cost performance
The RF-640 is engineered for low running costs and easy maintenance. Precision ink-jetting technology combined with new optimized profiles for ECO-SOL MAX 2 ink reduce ink consumption up to 20% when compared with the previous model. An automated cleaning function also minimizes ink usage while preserving the print head. As a result, the RF-640 is highly efficient in both production and standby modes.

• Intelligent design for easy operation
Like the rest of the Roland printer line, the RF-640 is easy to set up and operate. A redesigned front-loading ink cartridge unit facilitates ink replacement while minimizing the functional printer footprint. Media loading levers are positioned in both the front and back for maximum convenience. Special media brackets support even the heaviest media rolls as they are loaded into place, and adjustable media holders on both sides of the take-up system support the narrowest of rolls.


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