Vinyl Wall Stickers: What You Need To Know

Vinyl Wall Stickers: What You Need To Know

Using vinyl wall stickers around the house and in businesses has become the latest trend in the Philippines because of their dynamic and resistant nature. Unlike paint which goes on once and needs maintenance every now and then, vinyl wall stickers are much more durable and long lasting and can almost be a life time investment.

But with these types of stickers, there are many misassumptions, which can be better called as myths about their nature. These are very common known and assumed by people who have not had the experience of dealing with these stickers in general but can cause problems if not learned about beforehand.

Myth number one is most people think that these wall decals are only for walls. That is true in a sense if we take into consideration their names but it is possible to stick them on nearly any flat surface which is not bumpy at all. These types of vinyl stickers can be placed on wood and glass along with plastic and steel. There are literally no places where these cannot be applied but the condition is that the area must be hard and flat.

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Next up, vinyl wall stickers are stickers. Again, yes regarding the name, but they are also better known as wall decals. They seem to be stickers but stickers are much less durable and bubble after a while due to the heat and moisture which does not affect the vinyl ones. These decals are basically vinyl so it is like they have a thin layer of plastic on them but really they are created in that way not tampered with later on. The vehicle window decals actually stick on better with heat and are not damaged like stickers are.

They remain stuck almost permanently. Another reason why this is true is that these stickers are not as easy to apply like normal stickers are. They have a back paper and require following proper instructions very carefully unless the whole process could end up in a messy state. Last but certainly not least, one of the worst believed myths about printed stickers is that they are reusable. That is certainly not true in any case.

It might be a common belief because of the strength and long lasting nature of the vinyl but it most certainly is not reusable and repositionable. Imagine trying to peel off a sticker and applying it again. Firstly, it is near impossible to peel off a sticker without damaging it and in this case, print stickers are much thinner than normal ones. Secondly, applying it when the adhesive has dried up will without a doubt not work in any situation. When choosing and applying any stickers, it should be remembered that these are a onetime use pieces.

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