Acrylic Trophies: Things To Consider Before Making A Purchase

Acrylic Trophies: Things To Consider Before Making A Purchase

If you are thinking of getting some acrylic trophies, you should consider a few details first. Not all trophy companies are the same, as some offer more features than others. Learn what to look for before you choose a business to make one trophy, or several, for your company.

You first need to make sure the company you are considering can customize acrylic trophies the way you need it done. This means you should consider what you want on each trophy before you choose the location that will do it for you. Think about the message you want on it, as well as any logos or images you need. Then let the shop know what you want long before you officially decide to place an order. Some shops in the Philippines can only etch certain items, such as words, not pictures. Others simply have policies that limit the length of the message you can add, so be sure the one you choose meets all your needs.

You should also consider how you want your acrylic trophies to look. For instance, think about how tall each one should be, as well as whether you prefer certain colors or designs. Think about whether you want them to be specific to the contest. For example, a trophy that is given out for a sporting event like soccer, basketball, or baseball might have a ball on it, or even the specific ball that is appropriate for the sport. 

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If the contest is not an athletic kind, you might consider trophies with other designs, such as paper and a pen on top for a writing contest, or a peso sign for a sales contest. You can also get a more general design if you cannot find one that works perfectly for the event you are setting up.

You should then find out about pricing. Most shops selling trophies should have a bulk discount, which can be useful if you need several. For example, if you want to give a trophy to every employee rather than just a few, you should find out about the bulk discount. In most cases, the more you buy, the less each one costs. Once you learn the discount amount, compare it to the prices of other shops so you can get the best deal possible.

Once you have all these details in mind, you should talk to the shop to find out your options. Most shops should be able to accommodate your exact wishes, enabling you to get the awards you need for your business.

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