Custom Printed Labels, Clothing Tags, Etiketa

Custom Printed Labels, Clothing Tags, Etiketa

At Printixels, we take label and tag designs to a new level!

We can print full color designs on label tapes made of polyester and synthetic materials such as satin, nylon, tafetta, etc. with a variety of textures. Available in different width sizes, these custom tags can be used for branding purposes and as etiquette (etiketa) labels for products such as, but not limited to, shirts, bags, wallets, pouches, jackets, pants, towels, and other garments or apparels, accessories and pieces of clothing. As we all know, a custom label, whether woven or printed, is one of the best forms of advertising a product line. A tiny piece of customized clothing tag attached to a t-shirt, for example, sets the standard and identity of the garment because it acts as a representation of the company. Custom printed labels can also be used for other reasons such as personalizing your gifts and items for parties, reunions, gatherings, special occasions, and many others.

Our company can design and print customized labels and etiquette clothing tags that incorporate graphics and texts of your choice using dye sublimation and heat transfer. This modern process is a much better alternative to woven labels in terms and cost and quality. As an etiketa maker catering to clients in Cavite, Laguna, and south of Metro Manila, the ribbons that we use are made of quality polyester materials, which render clear design outputs and colors. Our printed satin labels, in particular, are specifically ideal for detailed artwork logos that require clarity and will surely complement your hang tags, patches, and product packaging.

Key Features Of Our Customized Labels And Printed Tags:

• Multiple color printing
• Flexible and soft ribbon in different sizes
• Custom design (logo and/or text)
• Discounts on bulk orders

Our standard label dimensions are 1 inch (25mm) x 2 inches (50mm), but other width sizes of ribbons are also available to choose from: 0.75 inch, 1.5 inches, 2 inches. The types of ribbon that we use are: white polyester satin, double edge polyester, and nylon taffeta fabric.

To request for quotation, email us at with the following details:

- Label design (text and/or logo)
- Quantity
- Label size/dimension (width and length)
- Label orientation: is it vertical, horizontal, or folded?

Contact us today regarding our custom printed labels and tags and we will endeavor to meet your requirements and deadlines. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Price will depend on the size, quantity, and design.

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    For quotation requests and further inquiries, email us at printixels[@] or call us at: 0977-720-4095 (Globe), 0949-726-7285 (Smart), or (046) 430-3546 (PLDT). Thanks.



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