Designing The Perfect Vehicle Wraps

It doesn’t make a difference whether you wish to use a small car or large panel van to wrap with graphics advertising your business, organization or cause in the Philippines. However, it is your choice of vehicle that will determine what kind of visual impression you wish to make. 

Vehicle size dictates the wrap appearance since, obviously, a smaller vehicle limits the usable space for any advertising message. The amount of graphics as well as text will be much smaller. But, productive planning will lead to creating an effective message regardless the vehicle size.

Vehicle Size and Shape Must Be Considered
A professional wrap design team also will include the vehicle surface area curves when calculating usable space. All vehicle surface areas will be included – if possible – as usable surface area for marketing message purposes, but some areas are hard to see. This includes the roof area. There is a limited viewing audience from above a rolling vehicle. Avoid wasted investment using the roof as part of any wrapping design for a spot to place your message.

Looking Through The Windows
A design consideration would also include whether to cover the windows or to keep them clear. There are practical considerations when it comes to making this decision that really have nothing to do with the aesthetics of appearance.

Safety has to be the number one issue especially if the driver of said vehicle would have a hard time watching the traffic clearly if the side windows were covered with a vinyl wrap. Always check with your local government for rules and regulations that mandate the use of stickers on vehicle windows. Although use of windows in the overall design can prove to provide some useful and dramatic effect, avoiding driving risks must remain a priority.

Therefore, also consider just who will be driving a wrapped vehicle and if they possess the correct amount of experience to remain safe while promoting your company message and image while on the road.

Vehicle Wrap - St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center Van Sticker Wrapping for St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center Partial Vehicle Wrap - Plaswall

Full Vehicle Versus Partial
Another consideration will be deciding if you want to wrap the entire vehicle or concentrate on marketing message design for certain areas. A full vehicle wrap can provide you with quite the dramatic image impression as people watch you roll down the road.

However, use of partial wraps, for example a marketing message that appears on both sides of the vehicle, might suit your particular needs as well as your available budget.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today if you need further information regarding our vehicle wrapping services. Using modern printing equipment, our company is capable of designing, printing, and installing full-color graphics, stickers, and decals on almost every inch of your vehicle. We cater to clients in the Philippines, specifically in the cities of Metro Manila, Cavite, Riza, Laguna, and Batangas.

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