What You Need To Know About Custom Printed Lanyards

What You Need To Know About Custom Printed Lanyards

Custom printed lanyards are typically made of polyester, nylon, or cotton and are of a flat braid tubing. This style of lanyard provides ample flat surface area for the placement of names, logos, slogans, or symbols. There are thousands of businesses that specialize in the production and printing of lanyards.

Printing techniques vary from a hot stamp (basic quality) and silk screen (medium quality) to a more costly dye sublimation process that results in a premium quality print. Printed lanyards are also available in a wide variety of patterns including leopard print and cow print. There are various widths of printed lanyards to choose from.

For those who desire a lanyard made from a material other than polyester, nylon, or cotton, there is a wide variety of other material to choose from. Atypical lanyard materials include PVC, fleece, denim, satin, and leather.

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Custom printed lanyards and ID laces are typically inexpensive and, if purchased in great quantity, they are available for as little as a few cents per piece. Individuals are able to choose the length, color, width, material, and customization of their printed lanyard. As common sense would dictate, the intricacy or amount of print has a large affect on the final price of the lanyard.

There is a high demand for printed lanyards and a large number of companies that supply them. Most businesses are able to accept an order for a printed lanyard and produce and ship it to the buyer within one to three business days.

When choosing a printed lanyard there are many decisions to make. In addition to selecting a specific style, it is important to decide on the best type of device to secure the object. Some examples of attachment hardware are swivel hooks, key rings, and badge holders. Typically the object to be secured will dictate which device should be used. For example, most appropriate for securing keys would be a key ring or split ring. It is extremely important to choose a high quality device when securing an object of importance.

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